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5 Year Warranty Ceramic Coating Package

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Ceramic Pro® Silver Package

The Ceramic Pro® Silver Package is the perfect coating for most vehicles, and it is our most popular and most warrantied coating. This coating utilizes the best of both worlds giving you a realistic warranty and protection package that works for most people who trade their vehicles in every 3-5 years! This package includes our flagship 9H as a basecoat layer and then a layer of top coat that will provide protection from the Eastern Florida Salt and weather. A Ceramic Coating is perfect protection for your vehicle allowing you to not wax every 3-6 months, and gives you a permanent more durable protection solution over anything else in the market! In Daytona Beach, wax and other traditional vehicle protection methods become obsolete quicker, with a Ceramic Coating you get a long lasting solution with a best in industry warranty.


The Ceramic Pro Silver Package is one of our most popular packages! It’s a great option for all car owners and for those leasing a car. The Silver Package offers the premium protection of Ceramic Pro 9H and includes a five-year warranty. Ceramic Pro is extremely hydrophobic and protects your vehicle from scratches, bugs, tree sap, dirt, road salt and more. The Ceramic Pro Silver Package begins with one layer of Ceramic Pro 9H. This is the product that put us on the map! It’s an extremely durable, heavy duty, nano-ceramic coating. The 9H is then topped with Ceramic Pro Light which serves as a top coating. The next step is one layer of Ceramic Pro 9H on the plastic surfaces and rims. The final step is one layer of Ceramic Pro Rain installed on all of the windows. If you’re looking for a little more durability, our Gold Package is a great option for you. If you have a shorter lease on your vehicle our Bronze Package is also a great option. Our Sport Package is great for those looking to get their feet wet with ceramic coatings. If you have a set of wheels you are looking to protect, our Wheel & Caliper Package is perfect for you.

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Ceramic Pro® Gold Package

Vehicle is Coated with Multiple Layers of Protection From Head to Toe with a Lifetime Warranty, that reports to CarFax and  is transferable from owner to owner

Ceramic Pro® Silver Package

Ceramic Pro® Silver Package is Our Most Popular Ceramic Coating package for those we may not keep there vehicle forever but want serious protection

Ceramic Pro® Bronze Package

The Ceramic Pro® Bronze package is a great entry level coating that gives you a 2 year warranty and includes wheels, windows, paint & trim coatings.

Ceramic Pro® Sport Package

The Perfect Entry level coating for those who are new to Ceramic Coating and want a solid protection layer on there vehicle and want to try an automotive coating

All Ceramic Pro® Daytona Coating's Are Reported to CARFAX

CarFax Vehicle Report