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Window Tint services offer you multiple benefits ranging from changing the look of your vehicle to giving you privacy, and even heat rejection. Here in the Florida Sun heat rejection is a very important factor in deciding which Window Film you want installed on your vehicle. With our KAVACA Window Film you can rest assured that you are getting an industry leading film that has the highest heat rejection rating in the industry. Our film also comes with a lifetime warranty against discoloration, peeling, bubbling, and overall product failure. This technology was originally designed for government buildings and is now available in the car market. We have all shades of this film available so you can style your car however you’d like, but what makes this tint unique is that you can tint your car with an extremely light shade that will produce more heat rejection than 99% of the darker films on the market. Tint can be for everyone!


Our Infrared film is a high-end protection film with incredible heat rejection properties. It’s non-reflective, non-metal (will not inhibit radio, cell or satellite signals) and includes a lifetime warranty against adhesive failure, peeling, delamination, fading and cracking. Ultraviolet light rejection is greater than 99% and ranges in 1.5-2 millimeter thickness. It’s ideal for all weather conditions, especially Florida’s continuous sunshine & heat.

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Protecting and Restyling your Vehicle has never been easier! With our Factory Trained and Certified Installers you can be sure you are getting the highest level of detail with your Window Film Installation, and is backed by a Transferable Life-Time Warranty!


Ceramic Pro KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Tint is leading the industry of Window Film in Heat Rejection. Utilizing Ceramic Nano-Technology you get the absolute highest quality of Window Film offered to the General Public!


Our Entry Level Window Film that still leads the industry in non ceramic film. This film still has an impressive amount of heat rejection and UV rejection