Ceramic Pro® Bronze Package

2 Year Warranty

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Ceramic Pro® Silver Package

The Ceramic Pro® Bronze Package is the perfect package for people who trade vehicle’s often or for those who have short term leases on their vehicles! This package comes with a 2 year warranty and protects the painted surfaces, trim, windows, wheels, & calipers ensuring that when you trade your vehicle in or return your lease you have a perfect looking vehicle! Getting a Ceramic Coating on your vehicle eliminants the need for constant waxing of your vehicle, and gives it a longer lasting and more durable protection layer. A Ceramic Coating also protects your vehicle better from Salt, Sand, & UV Rays ensuring your vehicle stays look dripping wet and freshly detailed all the time!

The Ceramic Pro Bronze Package is an excellent value! Ceramic Pro is a highly hydrophobic, nano-ceramic paint coating. It protects your vehicle and keeps it looking glossy and new. Washing your car is a breeze, as dirt and grime easily slide off the slick finish. The Bronze Packages includes a two-year warranty and consists of one layer of Ceramic Pro Light on the vehicle, one layer of Ceramic Pro Light on the rims and plastic surfaces and one layer of Ceramic Pro Rain on front side windows and the windshield. Our other Ceramic Pro packages provide different levels of durability but still offer excellent levels of paint protection. Check out our Gold Package, Silver Package, Sport Package, and our Wheel & Caliper Package for your different options.

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Ceramic Pro® Gold Package

Vehicle is Coated with Multiple Layers of Protection From Head to Toe with a Lifetime Warranty, that is transferable from owner to owner

Ceramic Pro® Silver Package

Ceramic Pro® Silver Package is Our Most Popular Ceramic Coating package for those we may not keep there vehicle forever but want serious protection

Ceramic Pro® Bronze Package

The Ceramic Pro® Bronze package is a great entry level coating that gives you a 2 year warranty and includes wheels, windows, paint & trim coatings.

Ceramic Pro® Sport Package

The Perfect Entry level coating for those who are new to Ceramic Coating and want a solid protection layer on there vehicle and want to try an automotive coating

All Ceramic Pro® Daytona Coating's Are Reported to CARFAX

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