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Here in Daytona Beach, Florida Boating and Marine life is a huge aspect of our lives. Some would say Florida in general is the boating capital of the world! We all love boats and enjoy spending time out on the water, but we also know how much of a pain it is cleaning it up after a whole day out on the water! Utilizing nano-Ceramic technology we have options available to protect every surface of your boat, ensuring the clean up process is easier and shorter keeping you out on the water longer! Marine vessels are exposed to salt water, algae, barnacles, a ton of other environmental debris which all can contribute to a dirtier boat as well as permanent damage if left untreated.


With Ceramic Pro®’s Marine Ceramic Coating’s you can rest assured that every surface on your boat from the Hull to the Captains Chair is protected. Not only will our Marine Grade coatings keep your boat clean and help you with your clean up process, it will keep your boats finish looking pristine and perfect every time. With nanoceramic coating’s for every surface Ceramic Pro has your protected & warrantied! 

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