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Ion Exchange Surface Protection Coating in Florida

Ceramic Pro ION Package

Ceramic Pro Daytona Beach Elite Dealer is proud to be able to bring the newest innovation in Surface Protection Coatings to our customers. As an Elite Dealer with factory trained and certified technicians we are able to bring you the Elite Dealer Ceramic Pro ION Coating. Ceramic Coatings have been around for decades and improvements have been made here a there, but the overall technology and base concept has not. We are here to bring each of our customers the bests of the best in protection and are proud to introduce the ION Exchange Surface Protection Package. Utilizing the best in industry technology to bring a Coating that offers you the same characteristics we have grown to love such as Water Beading, Depth of Color, Shine, Chemical Resistance, & Protection with the added benefit of Abrasion Resistance and a thicker and more dense layer of protection. 

Full Vehicle Paint Protection Film

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ION Surface Protection Package

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Ceramic Pro® Daytona – Elite Dealer

The Ultimate Automotive surface protection Coating IN Daytona

Ceramic Pro Daytona Elite Dealer is Changing the Game when it Comes to Surface Protection Coatings and the Technology and Benefits available to you! The Best Automotive Protection and Restyling Shop in the Volusia County Area and the Only Dealer With Access to this Ground Breaking Surface Protection Coating! 

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Ceramic Pro ION Protection Daytona

Ceramic Pro® ION

The Ceramic Pro® ION package is the next step in Surface Protection Technologies. With a 7 Year Warranty that is directly reported to CarFax and is Transferable, this Package is the new standard. This Two Layer Surface Protection System includes Paint, Trim, Wheels & Calipers, & Glass and has a new higher abrasion resistant technology giving you peace of mind in the elements. 

Ceramic Pro Ultimate ION Surface Protection Package

Ceramic Pro® Ultimate ION

The Ceramic Pro® Ultimate ION package is the Ultimate Automotive Surface Protection Package. Utilizing Industry Leading Technology to be able to Bring you a Extremely Glossy, Deep, Slick, & Abrasion Resistant Coating. This is a Lifetime Warrantied Surface Protection Package that Reports Directly to CarFax and is also Transferable. Reach out with an Elite Dealer Today!