Ceramic Pro® SportPackage

6 Month Warranty

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Ceramic Pro® Sport Package

The Ceramic Pro® Sport Package is the perfect entry level Ceramic Coating Package. This Package is designed specifically to show you the difference between a Ceramic Coating and your traditional vehicle protection products, and is the perfect entry into nano-ceramic paint protection. Once you see the difference you will never go back to traditional Wax! Here at Ceramic Pro® Daytona we have the best automotive Ceramic Protection, and we have the passion to protect your vehicle. Utilizing Ceramic Pro Nano-Ceramic Coatings we have packages for every vehicle at every budget giving you the ultimate access to Nano-Ceramic Coatings!


With every package we make sure to fully decontaminate the paint before we coat it. This package comes with one layer of Ceramic Pro Sport all over the paintwork. The Ceramic Pro Sport package is great for those looking to get their feet wet with paint protection. You still get the high quality, nano-ceramic paint coating. The Sport Package includes a six-month warranty and provides protection from tree sap, dirt, bugs and more. Cleaning your car will become a breeze after getting ceramic coating. No more scrubbing! Our other Ceramic Pro Packages include the Gold Package, Silver Package, Bronze Package, and the Wheel & Caliper Package.

Included In The Package

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Ceramic Pro® Gold Package

Vehicle is Coated with Multiple Layers of Protection From Head to Toe with a Lifetime Warranty, that report to CarFax and is transferable from owner to owner

Ceramic Pro® Silver Package

Ceramic Pro® Silver Package is Our Most Popular Ceramic Coating package for those we may not keep there vehicle forever but want serious protection

Ceramic Pro® Bronze Package

The Ceramic Pro® Bronze package is a great entry level coating that gives you a 2 year warranty and includes wheels, windows, paint & trim coatings.

Ceramic Pro® Sport Package

The Perfect Entry level coating for those who are new to Ceramic Coating and want a solid protection layer on there vehicle and want to try an automotive coating

All Ceramic Pro® Daytona Coating's Are Reported to CARFAX

CarFax Vehicle Report