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Ceramic Pro Elite Daytona Beach has raised the standards for Automotive Detailing and Protection services in the Daytona Beach Area.

Here at Ceramic Pro Daytona Elite Dealer, we understand the values of protecting your vehicle. With the prices of vehicles increasing every year we give you the options to protect the value of them. Protecting the Paint and Finish of your vehicle is one of upmost priorities, and we set the standard.

From calling in and getting a quote to scheduling your vehicle we have the systems in place to create the most elevated experience for our customers, and your satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. 

Experts In Automotive Protection & Detailing in Daytona Beach, Florida

Our Passion for Detailing and Protecting Vehicles is deep rooted in our company. Keeping cars looking pristine and more beautiful than the day you got them in one of our driving points and that idea is instilled in each one of our factory trained & certified installers. Here at Ceramic Pro Elite Daytona Beach, we treat each vehicle as if it were our own, leaving no detail behind. We believe in providing excellent services to our customers, and make it a point to exceed the standards and expectations every time. We offer a variety of detailing and paint protection services such as Paint Protection Film, Window Tint, & Ceramic Coatings. Utilizing some of the best techniques and products the automotive industry has to offer we can guarantee top tiered Paint Protection Services in the Daytona Beach Area. We correct and polish each vehicle before our products are applied, ensuring that your vehicle is encapsulated at its very best

Our Paint Protection Services

ION Exchange Coating

The Newest and Best in Surface Protection Coating Technology. Giving you all the benefits of a Ceramic Coating with the addition of a high abrasion/scratch resistance, a thicker and more dense layer of protection!

A Professional Grade Ceramic Coating Protects you Vehicle from the Harmful Florida Elements Including Salt & Rain and Helps Keep your Vehicle Cleaner for Longer!

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a Clear Bra, that Protects your vehicles paint from Rock Chips, Scratches, & Other Types of Damage!

Daytona’s #1 For Marine Detailing & Ceramic Coating’s. With access and training with the some of the best products the marine industry has to offer, you can rest easy knowing your boat is fully protected!

The Ultimate Vehicle Protection Package. For Those Who Want the Best of the Best, They Turn Towards Ceramic Pro Ultimate Armor, With a Lifetime Warranty You can Protect Your Vehicle Forever! 

The Highest Heat & UV Rejection Window Films available in the Industry. We offer a Carbon ColorStable Film as well as a Ceramic IR Film, keeping your cars interior cool in the Florida Summers!

The Ultimate Full Vehicle Appearance Protection Package

Utilizing the best parts of the Paint Protection Industry and Technology we are able to offer you the absolute best in Vehicle Appearance Protection! Taking the Best of Paint Protection Film and the best of Ceramic Coatings we protect every part of your vehicle from what matters most. This Service includes a Full Front PPF Kit, as well as a full Ceramic Coating Package on the Paint, Trim, Wheels & Calipers, & Glass giving your vehicle protection from top to bottom.

Glass Protection

Wheel Protection

Full Front PPF

Full Vehicle Ceramic Coating

The Experts in Automotive, Marine, & Recreational Detailing in Volusia County FL.

Ceramic Pro Daytona Beach, Florida

Here at Ceramic Pro Daytona we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle protected and clean. We know the struggle of finding a new detailer and hoping they clean your vehicle perfectly, but it never is quite perfect. Here at Ceramic Pro Daytona we are different, using the best tools, processes, & products we can assure you that your vehicle will be getting the proper attention to detail that you would expect. Every vehicle that leaves our shop goes through a rigorous post inspection to ensure our very high expectations are met, every time without fail. We can detail anything you bring us, with extensive training and certifications on every surface type from Vinyl to Gel Coat you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is under the care of certified experts in our field. 

Daytona Beach Paint Protection Film

Daytona Beach's Best Paint Protection Film Installation

Paint Protection Film, also commonly known as clear bra, has been apart of the automotive industry for over a decade. Throughout it’s time it has seen major improvements and technological advancements making it the absolute best choice in vehicle protection. Utilizing the best film in the automotive film industry,you can trust KAVACA to protect your assests and investments. 

Bumper Paint Protection Film Example

Bumper & Lights PPF

Protecting the Front Bumper, Headlights, Mirror Caps, & Door Cups with PPF Ensuring High Impact Areas are Protected

Full Front Paint Protection Film Example

Full Front Kit PPF

Includes the Full Hood, Fenders, Front Bumper, Headlights, Mirror Caps, & Door Cups are Covered and Protected From Rock Chips

Full Vehicle Paint Protection Film

Full Car PPF

This Includes the Entire Vehicle From Front Bumper to Back Bumper. The Perfect Package for Car Enthusiasts, Ensuring Everything is Protected

All Ceramic Pro® Daytona Services are Guaranteed and Backed with a Full CarFax Report

CarFax Vehicle Report
Industry Leaders

Leaders in the Automotive Protection Industry, you can Trust the Professionals at Ceramic Pro® Daytona to Protect your Vehicle. Utilizing Ceramic Pro® Nano-Ceramic Coating’s & KAVACA® Films You Can Trust We are Using the Best Products Available in the Industry.

Why Choose Ceramic Pro® Daytona?

Unmatched Customer Service & Attention to Detail

You are more than just a vehicle coming through our state of the art shop. To us you are a valued customer who shares the same values as us. As car enthusiasts ourselves you can trust that the expectation you have for your vehicle will be exceed as we would want the exact same treatment if it were our vehicle. We do not settle for anything other than Perfection, and you shoudn’t either.

Protect Your Investment

Ceramic Pro® Daytona – Elite Dealer

Professional Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Pro® Packages

With over a decade in the industry, we are professionals that you can trust to protect your investment with the best ceramic coating products on the market. We exclusively offer Ceramic Pro’s Ceramic Coatings which appear on your vehicle’s Carfax reporting.

CarFax Vehicle Report

Daytona Beach Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic Pro® Gold Package

Vehicle is Coated with Multiple Layers of Protection From Head to Toe with a Lifetime Warranty, that is transferable from owner to owner

Ceramic Pro® Silver Package

Ceramic Pro® Silver Package is Our Most Popular Ceramic Coating package for those we may not keep there vehicle forever but want serious protection

Ceramic Pro® Bronze Package

The Ceramic Pro® Bronze package is a great entry level coating that gives you a 2 year warranty and includes wheels, windows, paint & trim coatings.

Ceramic Pro® Sport Package

The Perfect Entry level coating for those who are new to Ceramic Coating and want a solid protection layer on there vehicle and want to try an automotive coating

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