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Here is Sunny Daytona Beach Florida, the sun shines nearly every day of the year and the heat and humidity is exceptionally high all year round. That’s why ensuring your vehicle is equiped wit the best in Carbon Window Film technology is not just a luxury but a must have. Here at Daytona Beach we have the best Carbon window film technology backed by an industry leading warranty backed by CarFax. We are proud to introduce Ceramic Pro KAVACA Ceramic X Window Film.

Ceramic Pro KAVACA Carbon X Window Film is created with cutting-edge technology, and is the perfect film to bridge the gap between premium grade ceramic films and entry level dyed films. Utilizing industry leading technology our Carbon X Film boasts a 95% Infared rejection at the film layer only. Not only does our Carbon Window film reject heat but blocks 99% of UV rays as well protecting you  from harmful sun rays.

Not only does our KAVACA Carbon Window Film increase the heat rejection and UV rejection in your vehicle, it also changes the aestics of your vehicle. This allows you to change the style and looks of your vehicle with different shades, or VLT, of film. What really sets our film apart is the industry leading warranty, which is a lifetime transferable warranty. This warranty also reports to CarFax, but don’t worry our products are proven and tested to withstand the tests of time and well outlast your vehicle.

Experience Superior Heat and UV Protection with Carbon X Window Tint in Daytona Beach, Florida

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Increased Heat Rejection

by utilizing the best in industry nano-carbon technology, our Carbon X film can achieve up to 95% Heat Rejection. This ensures that your interior remains cool even on the extremely hot Daytona Beach summer days.

Increased Privacy

Our Advanced Carbon Window Film gives you both functionality and style. With amazing clarity in any shade you can give your car a sleek and private look with any shade you'd like.

Industry Leading Warranty

With Ceramic Pro Daytona you always get the best, and that includes an industry leading warranty of course. With Ceramic Pro Daytona you get access ti a CarFax backed and reported warranty,

Zero Signal Interference

Our advanced Carbon technologies have revolutionalized the metalized window film industry offering the best in performance without any cell, gps, & radio signal interference.

Ehanced Style & Aesthetics

Window film changes the looks of your vehicle and is the most popular aftermarket option to put on a vehicle. Tint changes the complete look of the vehcile.

UVA/UVB Protection

KAVACA Carbon X does everything. It gives you unparralled protection against the harmful Daytona Beach sun rays. This provides protection from harmful cancer causing UV rays. Carbon X blocks 99% of UVA/UVB rays.


The KAVACA Carbon X is a high-performance product composed of authentic nano-carbon particles in the film. It doesn’t rely on metals or dyes for top-tier performance. This unique composition ensures the film retains its original color and won’t fade over time, and guarantees no disruption to your cellular or radio signals. The nano-carbon particles in the KAVACA Carbon X are not only dedicated to maintaining clear visibility, but they also effectively block both Infrared heat and UV rays. This ensures over 99% of harmful UV rays are kept at bay, and up to 95% of the heat from IR radiation is blocked, providing an enhanced driving experience. Available in Black and Charcoal shades, KAVACA Carbon X is designed to seamlessly align with the privacy glass of your specific vehicle. By absorbing the sun’s energy through its nano-carbon particles, KAVACA Carbon X doesn’t just create a cooler, more comfortable driving environment, but it also enriches the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. This absorption process also ensures a glare-free drive, sturdy GPS reception, reliable cell phone service, and a more long-lasting product.

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