Ultimate Guide To Tesla PPF

Your Ultimate Guide: Tesla Paint Protection Film

Lets start with the basics. What is Paint Protection Film and why should I consider it for my Tesla? Paint Protection Film, also known as PPF or Clear Bra, is a relatively thick protective layer that goes on top of your paint to stop rock chips, surface scratching, and etchings. Paint Protection Film has come a long way in the past 5-10 years compared to the Film that came standard from the factory on older vehicles. The longevity and added benefits are insurmountable compared to the old factory 3M Film and does not yellow and peel like most of us picture when Clear Bra is mentioned! Protecting the Factory Finish on your Tesla is important in preserving the lifetime value of the vehicle removing the opportunity for Rock Chips, Scratches, and Bugs!

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Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating for your Tesla?

The options for Protecting your Tesla Paint are quite extensive ranging from traditional Waxes & Sealants to Full Body Paint Protection Film applications. The two of the best options in the detailing industry right now are Ceramic Coatings and PPF, but what are the main differences between the two? A Ceramic Coating is a semi-permanent protection layer that is 4x harder than clear coat and traditional waxes. It offers protection against chemical staining, fading paint, and light abrasive swirls & scratches. A Ceramic Coating is a perfect option and helps you maintain your vehicle keeping it cleaner longer as well as making it extremely easy to wash and maintain. On the other side, we have PPF which is an actual film that is applied to your vehicle’s surface, giving you a physical barrier between outside contaminants and your vehicle’s factory finish. 

Tesla Paint Protection Film

Tesla Paint Protection Film North East Orlando

The Benefits of getting Paint Protection Film on your Tesla range from simple things like aesthetic looks to scratch protection. The latest advances in Paint Protection Film technology have given us a lot of benefits that haven’t been offered in the past. One of the most notable ones is the self-healing properties of the PPF top coat. The self-healing allows the PPF to basically melt back to a perfect finish when heat is added to the surface whether that be from a heat gun or the sun. This keeps your maintenance easy as there is absolutely no need for polishing to remove surface imperfections as it has a self-healing topcoat layer that will heal itself as heat is introduced either from a heat gun or the sun!

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

  • Warrantied Finish
  • Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film Available Giving You the Best Qualities of Both
  • Self Healing Properties
  • Longevity
  • Stops Rock Chips
  • Stops Minor Scratching and Abrasions
  • Packages Ranging from Bumper only to Full Vehicle Coverage

Tesla Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings have been around for years offering extreme protection against UV Damage, Fading, Light Surface Abrasion, & Chemical Staining. Utilizing this technology on your Tesla Exterior you can protect against all sorts of environmental and chemical issues. One of the biggest benefits of a Ceramic Coating is the ease of maintenance. Whether you wash your vehicle or you have your detailer maintain it on a schedule, a Ceramic Coating makes this process immensely more simple. Your vehicle will stay clean longer as well as be easier to clean when it does become dusty and dirty. A Ceramic Coating also gives you a semi-permanent layer on top of your factory clear coat which gives you a sacrificial layer before your ever decreasing layer of clear coat starts to take damage. Nano-Ceramic Technology has come a long way in the past 10 years, now we offer a specific coating for each surface of the vehicle to ensure durability based on that material. We carry coatings that go on the Wheels, Calipers, Plastics, Painted Surfaces, Glass, & All Interior Surfaces!

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

  • Extreme Gloss & Depth
  • Vehicle Stays Cleaner Longer
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Protection Against Chemicals 
  • No Paint Fading or Sun Damage
  • Extreme Hydrophobic Properties
  • Protection Against Environmental Contaminants 
Ceramic Pro® Gold Package

Vehicle is Coated with Multiple Layers of Protection From Head to Toe with a Lifetime Warranty, that is transferable from owner to owner

Ceramic Pro® Silver Package

Ceramic Pro® Silver Package is Our Most Popular Ceramic Coating package for those who may not keep their vehicle forever but want serious protection

Ceramic Pro® Bronze Package

The Ceramic Pro® Bronze package is a great entry-level coating that gives you a 2-year warranty and includes wheels, windows, paint & trim coatings.

Ceramic Pro® Sport Package

The Perfect Entry level coating for those who are new to Ceramic Coating and want a solid protection layer on there vehicle and want to try an automotive coating

Why Not Both PPF & a Ceramic Coating for your Tesla?

We are one of 100 shops in America that are certified and factory trained to offer our Ultimate Tesla Armor Package. This Package takes the best of Paint Protection Film as well as the best of a Ceramic Coating and combines them on your Tesla to give you Ultimate Protection. The Ultimate Armor Package is the only full vehicle appearance warranty in the industry that reports directly to CarFax and is recognized throughout the Auto Industry. 

What's Included in the Ultimate Armor Package?

  • Full Front Paint Protection Film Package
  • Lifetime Ceramic Coating on Paint & Trim
  • “Wheel & Caliper” on Wheels and Calipers
  • Glass Coating on all Glass
  • Lifetime Appearance Warranty

Tesla Paint Protection Film Packages

Protecting your Tesla’s Finish is an important part in maintaining the value of your Tesla throughout it’s life, but it comes to choosing the right Paint Protection Film package it all comes down to the coverage you are looking for! Protecting areas like the front bumper and the headlights/fog lights is always a great start coverage-wise. These areas tend to see the most damage from rock chips and bug damage. As you move up the vehicle parts of the Hood, Fenders, Mirrors, and A-Pillars start to see damage from rock chips even though they are not in direct line of damage like the Front Bumper is, so these are other areas that Paint Protection Film makes sense in. Here at Ceramic Pro Daytona Elite Dealer, we offer multiple coverage options to ensure your Tesla is protected!

Tesla Clear Bra Packages & Differences

Bumper Paint Protection Film Example
Bumper & Lights PPF

Protecting the Front Bumper, Headlights, Mirror Caps, & Door Cups with PPF Ensuring High Impact Areas are Protected

Full Front Paint Protection Film Example
Full Front Kit PPF

Includes the Full Hood, Fenders, Front Bumper, Headlights, Mirror Caps, & Door Cups are Covered and Protected From Rock Chips

Full Vehicle Paint Protection Film
Full Car Kit PPF

This Includes the Entire Vehicle From Bumper to Bumper. The Perfect Package for Car Enthusiasts, Ensuring Everything is Protected

Ceramic Pro Daytona Elite Dealers Paint Protection Film

Here at Ceramic Pro Daytona our technicians are Factory Trained and Certified with Ceramic Pro HQ in San Diego, CA, so you can rest assured you are getting a quality film with certified installation. Most of the bigger paint protection film in the industry is very comparable when it comes to the quality of the film, one of the main differences in different films in the certification and the technicians installing the film. Ceramic Pro has made the training and certification process rigorous compared to others who will certify you when you buy your first roll. We offer two different Paint Protection Films our Gloss & our Matte Finish Film. Our Gloss Paint Protection film gives your vehicle a perfect finish that is self-healing and is wrapped around most edges and corners to give a clean install, we also remove most emblems to ensure a seamless finish. Our Matte PPF Film offers you the flexibility in restyling your vehicle by changing the gloss finish on your vehicle into a satin/matte finish. This Matte Film has all of the qualities of a Gloss Film including self-healing and rock chip protection giving you more protection and durability than a traditional vinyl wrap.

Ceramic Pro KAVACA Matte Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Pro KAVACA offers you multiple benefits compared to a stain-finish vehicle or even a vinyl satin wrap. Our Matte PPF has a self-healing and hydrophobic top coat layer that allowed for easy maintenance as well as protection from dirt, bugs, rock chips, & chemical damage. One a traditional satin finish chemicals, waxes, and other environmental damage can permanently damage the finish forcing a repaint on the panel. We offer the eye-catching looks of a Matte Sating Finish without any of the drawbacks of traditional matte finishes.

Ceramic Pro KAVACA Matte Finish Benefits
  • Smooth Finish
  • Self-Healing
  • Hydrophobic Top Coat
  • Reduced Orange Peel & Glue Marks
  • Advanced Chemical and Corrosion Resistance
  • Lifetime Warranty
Matte Finish Tesla Paint Protection Film

Protect Your Investment

Ceramic Pro® Daytona – Elite Dealer

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