The Best Ceramic Coatings in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Ceramic Pro has lead the industry for a decade in Nano-Ceramic surface protection coatings. We brought Layerable coatings to the market in Daytona and have now brought the newest innovation to the surface protection coating industry in the past decade! Ceramic Pro ION Exchange Coatings provide a 3x Thicker, 2x More Abrasion and Chemical Resistance, and Self Healing Properties!

Professional Ceramic Coating in Daytona Beach

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The Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Network has 200 shops nationwide that have been proven to be the best of the best. We are able to offer the best of the best Elite Dealer exclusive products for our customers. All of our Ceramic Coating technicians are factory trained in Carlsbad, CA and are certified to the best installers in the industry.

What Do You Get With Ceramic Pro Coatings?

Extreme Chemical & Abrasion Resistance

Ceramic Pro's New ION Exchange Coatings offers industry shattering Chemical & Abrasion Resistance compared to Traditional Surface Protection Coatings.

Extremely Easy Vehicle Maintenance

Maintaining and Washing a Ceramic Coated vehicle is game changing. Waxes, Sealants, & hour long Car Washes are a thing of the past. Wash your vehicle in half the time with a Ceramic Coating.

Better Than New Showroom Finish Lasts Forever

Most vehicles lose their luster and shine and a Ceramic Coating can keep your vehicle looking deep and extremely glossy without much work so you can continue turning heads with your ride

Self Healing Properties, Like PPF

Ceramic Pro's New ION Exchange Coatings offers industry shattering abrasion resistance, but the best part is it has self healing properties as well, ensuring the perfect finish doesn't fade over time.

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